Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Web Logs Go to School

An interesting article on using blogs in the classroom.

As a middle-school teacher, Clarence Fisher is used to spending some time each evening grading papers and reviewing lesson plans. But this year he's got an additional after-school task: updating his students' blogs. Fisher set up online personal journals--Web logs or blogs--this fall for each of his students at Joseph H. Kerr School in the Canadian town of Snow Lake, Manitoba. His combined seventh- and eighth-grade class generates about a dozen entries a day on topics ranging from classroom assignments to weekend plans, which Fisher reviews before posting online.

He's more than glad to do it. Like other teachers bringing blogging into the classroom, he thinks the online journals will spark students' enthusiasm for computers, writing and opining.

"They're learning the technical skills, but they're also learning that they have a voice online," he said. "They may be from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but they're writing online, people are commenting on it, and they're learning that they have a voice."

Fisher is among a small but growing number of teachers and professors experimenting with classroom blogs. The exact number is hard to pin down but it's well into the thousands, said Will Richardson, author of "An Educator's Guide to Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Cool New Web Tools that are Transforming the Classroom," which is set for publication next year.


Trini_teach said...

Interesting article. I wish more of my students had Internet access so that I could incorporate blogging into my curriculum. Ah well...in time I suppose.

MsPersonality said...
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hurikane said...

Still waiting for the Mambo Server.......

No one has even made an attempt to inform us as to the progress of this part of our training.

Can we have some feedback as to whether or not the Mambo server will ever be up and running.

OR maybe the blog about the assignemt be changed to reflect the non-appearance of the long promised and MAMBO SERVER.

Still waiting for clarification on Mambo Server.

Thank You.

Hoping this reaches EARS of those with the POWER to ACCOMPLISH the STATED OBJECTIVES of WEB class.

Losing confidence.

Unknown said...

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