Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free 'Quiz School' Resource Adds Analytics, Integrates with Flickr and Google Maps

by Dave Nagel

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ProProfs has upgraded Quiz School, a free online resource that allows educators generate custom assessments. The new version, launched this week, adds integration with popular social media services and includes new analytics and reporting features.

Quiz School is designed to let educators create online quizzes and practice tests for their students. In addition to custom quizzes, the service provides a library of pre-designed quizzes, which range from K-12 education to technology certification, SAT and GRE prep, and general trivia.

Students can take tests without logging onto the system and receive instant scores and personalized feedback, including tips for improving performance, according to the company. Users can also assign keywords to specific quizzes for easy retrieval.

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PBwiki Offers $25 Million in Web 2.0 Tools for Educators : August 2008 : THE Journal

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Collaborative technology developer PBwiki has launched two new grant programs for education offering free upgrades to the company's hosted wiki service and other awards.

The first of the programs, called the Back To School Challenge, will allow up to 100,000 teachers and librarians to earn a gold-level PBwiki account for free. (Gold upgrades normally run $250.) They can do this by "by using, blogging about, and referring others to PBwiki." Other prizes in this program include a $1,000 gift certificate for purchasing school supplies; autographed books; Lego educational products; and games. Prizes are awarded based on a point system. A complete list of prizes and point totals can be found here.

The second program, called the Partner Program for Education, allows districts and associations to offer PBwiki gold accounts to members for free.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free and Open Source Educational Software

Free and Open Source Educational Software from Central Queensland University
OSWINS DVD is a collection of Free and Open Source software for educational use that run on Windows.   The educational software varies from mathematics to music, from science to graphics, from programming to educational gamesi and includes office tools, business software, network tools and security software. The aim of this website is to make finding the software easier by categorising them by Key Learning Areas used in Education in Australia.  In addition, under each category, links to useful websites that provide information or free resources are listed.
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OS School DVD: Free and Open Source Software for Education

The open source educational DVD was created as an aid for schools
and universities. The catalogue on the OS-school-DVD is aimed at the
Key Learning Areas used in Queensland schools as well as more learning
areas used at University.

The objectives of the DVD are firstly to provide schools with a catalogue
of useful free and open source educational software for Windows, MacOSX and
Linux. The Windows software can be installed directly from the DVD.
The second objective is to provide a live (bootable) Linux DVD which will
allow the user to run open source educational software before installing it.
The Live Linux DVD component also provides non Linux users exposure to
software which is not available on Windows, such as software written for KDE desktop or
developed on Linux but yet available on Windows such as Rosegarden (music composer).

The DVD can be used to demonstrate open source software without the need to install software.
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