Monday, October 24, 2005

Schools can be joyful places

An interesting blog re education. You can take some ideas from Marilyn's blog to help you with your own.Schools can be joyful places


molly_queen said...

Some of these ideas cannot stand the test. Been there done that.

hurikane said...

Well school of Ed could be more joyful if we had the Mambo server set up looonggg time ago. I have an assignment to hand in.

Oh by the way, what are the specifics of the assignment.

Maybe it could be TYPED and handed to us as a normal school would do. So that school of Ed would be a more joyful place.

Hoping this reaches to an audience that REALLY CARES.

I feel like an ant in an ant colony without a VOICE. Maybe I should podcast.

Maybe someone out there will hear and listen to the cries of help of Ed Tech 2006 and don't take us for granted and treat us as underlings.

We are people and we deserve to be treated with respect.