Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Course Development

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Course Development is a really cool Moodle-based site that assists in content development.
From the site - "

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Course Development is designed as a resource for individuals with varying levels of course design experience.

Individuals new to higher education can use this site to help design their first classroom based course integrating technology where appropriate.

Experienced instructors, being encouraged to place materials within a learning management system, can use this site to decipher the differences between Web-Presence, Web-Enhanced, Web-Centric and Online courses and how to plan courses for online delivery.

Instructors of online courses, looking for new ideas and ways to improve their course, can use the site to improve content development by finding sources for pre-developed content and ideas to improve student centered learning.

Instructional Designers and Instructional Support Staff can use this site as a reference for themselves or as a resource for the faculty they support."

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