Sunday, June 11, 2006

How to Design and Publish Your Website with Open Source tools

How to Design and Publish Your Website with Nvu:
For people in the developing world and especially in Education, where funds are perenially low, open source tools can solve a lot of needs. In the web development space, here are a few tools that can replace the expensive proprietary tools, such as dreamweaver, photoshop and illustrator.

Web development: NVU is a free alternative to Dreamweaver ( )
InkScape ( ) is a free vector art application similar in many ways to Illustrator or Fireworks
Paint .NET ( ) for Windows, or The Gimp ( ) are bitmap editors (similar to Photoshop)
GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP-2.0 that extends GIMP for creation of animations based on a series of frame images. GIMP-GAP is the next development step of the Video Menu that once was part of gimp-1.2."
Unfortunately, Flash has no open source alternative as yet... but there is some work going on here

I'll update as I get more tools.

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Anonymous said...

A reader had to go through the interview for Web Designer / Graphic Designer position and sent in his set of questions.

1. Whats is the difference between cellspacing and cellpadding?
2. If a page has to be loaded over all frames in window, what should be the value of TARGET attributes?
3. Which one of the following settlement is correct?
1. A table cannot contain another table
2. A Form can ve nested inside another form
3. Which element are table cells
4. List out tags that are support exclusively by IE and Netscape.
5. What tags are used to embed one html page inside another html page (without using frames)?
6. In dreamweaver what is used to apply same layout to my pages.
7. Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?
8. How do you define an inline style?
(Website design India)