Saturday, March 25, 2006

Building Educational Web Sites with Moodle

Building Educational Web Sites with Moodle
An excellent article on the value of using content management systems, and educational systems, such as moodle, for education activities."

Five years ago, Web designers and teachers who wanted to build a site had to code HTML by hand or use an editor like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or Adobe GoLive. You then had to upload files to a server. Few busy teachers had the time to acquire these skills. With the advent of content management systems, Web publishing became easy enough for anyone to pick up quickly.

With a CMS like Moodle, you don't need any Web design skills, all you need is the ability to write and teach your ideas using images, text, or any media on the Internet -- there's no software to buy or install. Just go to any computer, open a Web browser, and make changes to your site. Moodle also works well for those with old computers, slow Internet connections, and older browsers. All you need is PHP -- an HTML scripting language -- installed on your system, and you're ready to go."

Pretty much what I've been trying to say since October. Dreamweaver is useful, but a lot less useful than Moodle or Mambo for non-technical people to develop powerful tools quickly.

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