Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mambo Server up and all your base websites created.

Please check with Mr. Paddington or email me directly for the information. I have finally received all the information necessary from the Department to set this up, and I apologise again on behalf of the Department for the length of time it has taken to get this done.
You can find the site at
Note - you can also register on the main site to be able to post and stuff... it'smoderated, so I will need to finalise all registrations - this is to reduce SP@M on the site.


Jacqueline said...

Please email me to get site or any other info - leaving comments in the blog is NOT a fast way to contact me.
Tat said, Bravenet is a free ad-supported service - it's got good transfer amounts ,butnot very much disk space (only 50 MB) - a couple of podcasts will fill that up easily. You can use multiple hosting services and link them together to create a full-service website.
I'm also confused about the need to post a comment, unless the requirements changed - the requirement was to setup a blog or a website, so simply logging in and posting a comment on this blog wouldn't count!

msliz said...

We're also supposed to log on to this site - so here I am...